Wisdom Tooth Infection: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

Old man with wisdom tooth pain

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About 85% of people need to get their wisdom teeth removed. They aren’t necessary and often get in the way of your other teeth. If you still have your wisdom teeth and are experiencing tooth pain, a wisdom tooth infection could be the culprit.

Wisdom Tooth Infection

Getting a wisdom teeth infection is common and can become quite serious. The good news is that you can find treatment for a wisdom tooth infection all over. If you are dealing with wisdom teeth issues and live in the Los Angeles area, look for an expert to help take care of your infection.

If a wisdom tooth is growing in but only partially exposed, bacteria can flourish and the area around the tooth can become infected. In this instance, either the remaining gum over the tooth must be removed so the tooth can grow in, or you will need wisdom teeth removal. Sometimes wisdom teeth are impacted and must be removed or more detrimental symptoms will develop.

Infection Symptoms

Pain is a primary indicator of an infection. This can be localized around the wisdom tooth or teeth, or it could spread to your jaw or entire face. You might also experience swollen lymph nodes that are more sensitive than usual. Other symptoms include bleeding or pus from gums around the area as well as bad breath from bacteria buildup. 

You might not realize it, but fever and chills can also be symptoms of wisdom teeth infection. A fever is the body’s way of fighting infection, and that includes in your teeth. 


There are a couple options for treatment of a wisdom tooth infection – extraction being the most common. However, you may wish to avoid the surgery, which can be an option.

If you are hoping to avoid surgery, a dental professional will likely recommend pain relievers, an antibiotic, and a special mouthwash to help treat the infection. It is possible to have your wisdom teeth grow in and be okay, but see a dentist or oral surgeon before deciding on your own. They will be able to help you find the best solution for treating the infection.

If you need wisdom teeth extraction, you will need to schedule an appointment to have them removed and follow all the instructions. It is a very common procedure and shouldn’t cause you worry. 

Should you need, or elect to go through wisdom teeth removal, you will want to make sure you follow the post-operation instructions. Taking care of yourself after oral surgery can help prevent further infection and other complications, like dry socket, that can come along with dental procedures. 

Good Teeth, Good Health

Having a toothache can ruin your mood for weeks if left untreated, and a wisdom tooth infection is no exception. If you need your wisdom teeth removed, remember that it happens to most people. And it is an everyday procedure for an oral surgeon like Dr. Polyakov.

You’ll be all smiles once your infection is all cured. If you find yourself needing consultation or treatment, just give us a call to help improve your oral health.

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