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Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which attaches your lower jaw to your skull, is one of the most complex in your body. The ball-in-socket design is how you’re able to move your lower jaw in virtually any direction and comfortably bite and chew foods, talk, yawn, and live your life freely. If this joint is dislocated or damaged, it can lead to chronic jaw and joint pain, headaches, teeth grinding and clenching, sore facial muscles, popping and clicking during movement, and even joint immobility and lock jaw.
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What to Expect After TMJ Treatment

Common Solutions for TMJ Disorder

Depending on your case, a more conservative solution may be all you need. We’ll welcome you to our state-of-the-art practice in West Valley/Reseda, CA for an oral exam and consultation where we’ll discuss your unique limitations as well as your goals for treatment. Below are some of the most effective treatment solutions for TMJ disorders:

Now is the Time to Act

No more waiting. Receiving Non-Surgical TMJ treatment can be a life-changing and liberating experience. If you leave your TMJ disorder untreated, it can actually lead to additional health conditions from a loss of sleep to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Don’t leave debilitating problems with your TM joint untreated. We encourage you to contact our experienced team right away and receive the freedom you need to live a higher quality of life!

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