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Nestled in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, Winnetka is a neighborhood with about 60,000 residents. Winnetka has a relatively diverse population. Many people work in health care, social services, and a number of other professional services. Local favorites include a number of community parks and public spaces. Additionally, Winnetka isn’t far from the heart of Los Angeles. 

We’re pleased to be able to provide oral surgery for the people of Winnetka, California.

Dental Implants in Winnetka, CA

Getting dental implants is a lengthy process that can require work in order to prepare the mouth. If you are missing teeth, or if you have damaged or decaying teeth that need to be extracted, you might be considering dental implants as a way to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth can cause a great deal of discomfort and social anxiety for people.

In addition to the visual effect, missing teeth can also impact the way you speak and eat. When you are missing teeth, you might avoid eating on that side of your mouth. Also, you might find it difficult to say certain words, especially if the missing teeth are your front teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

Working with a Winnetka oral surgeon who is well versed in dental implants is important. You should also work with your general dentist to create a dental care plan for treatment that works for you. First, you will need to have any remaining teeth removed. This can be done in your general dentist’s office in Winnetka if the teeth are not badly damaged. If you are already missing teeth, you’ll move right to the next step of the process.

After a few months, the bone and the titanium rod have fused together to become stronger. Then you can continue with the process of getting a crown to place on top of the titanium rod. Be sure to work with an experienced professional who can walk you through all of the steps of dental implants.

The good news is that once your dental implant is in place, it’s there for life. So while it takes a bit of work to get to the finished product, it is well worth the effort. You want to work with an Winnetka oral surgeon who will understand your frustrations with missing teeth, and be understanding toward you when it comes to recovery time and any questions you may have. Finding the right oral surgeon for your dental implants is as easy as calling our office today.

Oral Surgeons in Winnetka, CA

When you decide to move forward, tooth extractions are often necessary for preparation. Even if you decide not to go ahead with dental implants in Winnetka, California, it is likely that any damaged or decaying teeth will need to be removed. A professional and experienced oral surgeon should be your first choice for having teeth removed. Not only can an oral surgeon provide you with a more comfortable surgical experience through the use of general anesthesia, but you’ll undergo extractions in a modern dental care facility.

You should not put off having oral surgery or having your teeth removed for fear of surgery. Today’s modern dental offices have many comforts to make you feel at ease about your procedure and treatments. We’ll work ensure you understand your procedure and answer any questions you may have about your surgery or recovery. When you have a tooth extracted, you can expect to return to normal life within a day or two. We’ll be happy to provide you with pain medication that can help alleviate the discomfort of recovery. However, most people only need a simple over-the-counter painkiller to see them through post-surgery. For any tooth extraction or oral surgery, our dedicated team can make all the difference in your experience.

Dry Socket

Sometimes, when a tooth has been removed, patients will experience a condition called dry socket. This is a type of infection that can be quite painful for patients to endure. Our experienced dental team can quickly and easily help reduce the pain and discomfort of dry socket. When it comes time to have your dental implants completed in Winnetka, or if you opted for another dental device, such as a bridge or denture, we’ll be right there with you every step of the way making sure you are pleased with the results of your treatment.

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