Your Ultimate Guide to Dental Bone Grafts

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Are you wondering what dental bone grafts are? Curious what kind of benefits it may offer you? A bone graft is a medical procedure that treats bone and joint issues. 

When it comes to dental bone grafts, the procedure works to make fresh tissue in the jaw to contain the teeth. To learn more about the bone graft procedure as well as its benefits, keep reading. 

Dental Bone Grafts: How It Works 

During a bone graft dental procedure, a small incision is made in the gum, then grafting material is applied to the bone underneath. This material acts as a scaffold in areas where new bone cells can form. 

The grafting material used can come from many sources – from your own body to an animal or donor. Regardless of the material, it will be sterile and safe to use. This procedure is performed for a variety of reasons, such as traumas, injuries, or illnesses. 

Often when a person loses a tooth, the bone around the tooth will begin to dissolve. Diseases like gum disease can cause the jaw bone to thin, which may require a dental bone graft. Some may think that the bone loss from just one of their teeth is not visible. However, this bone loss can change one’s facial structure and smile if multiple teeth are lost, or if one has advanced gum disease. 

What to Expect

In most cases, the patient will receive local anesthesia in the area of the bone graft procedure before the treatment begins. In some cases where higher relaxation and pain relief are necessary, the patient will receive IV or oral sedatives. Due to the incision made in the gum tissue to reach the bone that is in need of the graft, there may be some soreness in the treated area following the procedure. 

Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories can help to treat this pain. Ice treatments are another good option. It can take up to seven months for bone maturation to occur so that one can receive their dental implant. However, after the bone graft treatment, patients can expect to quickly start feeling back to normal. 

The waiting time between the dental bone graft procedure and the dental implant procedure allows for enough time to heal and achieve the desired outcome, which is the necessary support for replacement teeth that will look great and last a lifetime. 

Your Guide to Dental Bone Graft Procedures 

If you are considering this procedure, keep the basic information in this guide in mind. Knowing what to expect can make a big difference. Dental bone grafts can be a great treatment option for those that are in need of teeth replacements and dental implants.

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