Alternatives to Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Are There Any?

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Wisdom teeth extraction is often a necessary procedure, and there is a better chance of it happening to you than you may expect. About five million people have their wisdom teeth removed every year.

If you are nearing that possibility, there are a few alternatives to wisdom teeth extraction.

Root Canal

One of the best alternatives to wisdom teeth extraction is a root canal. This procedure can address the problem without removing the impacted wisdom teeth completely.

In this procedure, the dentist focuses on the root of your tooth, and gets rid of the bacteria surrounding that root.

As a result, your tooth could be spared by addressing the problem before it has a chance to spread. Dentists will typically put a crown over that tooth to help protect it.

This is a very common procedure in the United States, as there are over 41,000 root canal procedures performed by dentists across the country every day. Talking to your dentist about this option can increase your chances of saving your wisdom teeth.


Another alternative to wisdom teeth removal is a coronectomy. This is kind of the opposite of a root canal procedure in that it addresses another part of your tooth.

Here, instead of removing an entire tooth, oral surgeons remove the crown. This tends to be a good solution for people with more sensitive teeth, or if your wisdom teeth are too close to other teeth to remove without collateral damage.

A coronectomy may be a good alternative to address these problems while still minimizing the risk of damage.


An operculectomy removes the gum tissue over a wisdom tooth that is only partially erupted. Painful infections and inflammation can develop from debris and bacteria caught in this tissue, but removing the operculum reduces the risk of bacteria build-up and may prevent the need for a wisdom tooth extraction.


Finally, you have the option to try to reposition your wisdom teeth. You may have teeth that are too crowded and need to be addressed.

However, repositioning may solve crowding with a less invasive procedure. The catch with this option is that you may have to temporarily wear braces, and depending on how much space you have left in your mouth, you may not be eligible to do this.

Alternatives to Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a big deal.

Do you want to see if you are eligible for a reasonable alternative? Get in touch with us today.

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