What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal

man sitting in drinking soup from a bowl after wisdom tooth removal

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So it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed. Despite popular belief, wisdom tooth removal is a quick and simple procedure most of the time. For many, the difficult part of the process is the wisdom tooth removal recovery period. 

After your surgeon removes the tooth, they’ll send you home with instructions (as well as gauze, some medication for the pain, and potentially a water syringe so you can flush your removal site).

But eating after you get your wisdom teeth removed can be a scary prospect. Do you know what food to eat after wisdom tooth removal? Keep reading for our advice. 

What Not to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal

First, let’s talk about the foods that you should avoid. This is almost more important than talking about what you can or should eat, because eating the wrong things can damage your mouth or cause future problems. 

First and foremost, you don’t want anything that requires a straw. While not foods per se, this is one of the most important pieces of advice because avoiding straws can help you prevent dry socket.

This means that you should avoid sodas and frozen drinks, like milkshakes. 

You should also avoid anything that’s hard or crunchy. While you can chew with the other side of your mouth (unless you’ve removed all of the wisdom teeth at once), you want to avoid getting anything into your new wound. 

Best Food to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal

So with the no-go’s in mind, here’s what to eat after wisdom tooth removal. 

You want to eat soft foods. If you’re still numb, avoid anything too hot so you don’t burn the affected area. 

If you have soup, opt for blended soups or simple broths. This way, there’s nothing to chew or get caught in your sockets. Cool off the soup before eating it.

You can also eat mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are filling and they have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, so they’re great for your recovery period. Make sure that they’re as smooth as possible and top them with your favorite butter or gravy. 

Bananas are another nutritious option for your post-op meal. If you’re craving solid food, biting into a banana is easy, and they provide a healthy dose of potassium. You can also blend frozen bananas into “nice cream” to provide a tasty and cool snack without all of the sugar and fat of ice cream. 

If you want something substantial and warm, try making instant oatmeal. While instant oatmeal may not be as good as standard oatmeal, it’s far easier to chew. Oatmeal provides fiber and protein, and you can add extra protein by adding peanut butter or protein powder. 

Eat Well for a Safe Recovery

Finding the right food to eat after wisdom tooth removal isn’t hard. You don’t have to keep anything specific in your pantry. Just look for foods that are soft and nutritious so you can keep healing as simple as possible. 

When in doubt, ask your oral surgeon for advice. They’ll be happy to guide you. 

Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain? Are they getting in the way of orthodontic work? It’s time to contact an experienced oral surgeon. Contact us to set up an appointment at our West Valley office today.

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