Why Its Important to Replace Missing or Broken Teeth

replace missing or broken teeth

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Preserving Your Beautiful Smile: The Importance of Replacing Missing or Broken Teeth

While regular dental check-ups are aimed at diagnosing and treating dental issues before they worsen, accidents or age can often lead to our one or multiple teeth becoming broken or missing. With advancements in dental technology, replacements for missing or broken teeth are now too important not to embrace.

At Synergy Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Center in Reseda, CA, we understand the value of a healthy, complete smile and specialize in dental implants and oral surgery procedures. Our goal is to help you understand the long-term implications of missing teeth and the advantages of choosing to replace missing or broken teeth.

Health Consequences of Ignoring Broken or Missing Teeth

The gaps left by missing or lost teeth can lead to several health issues:

  • Lower Self-esteem: The state of your smile can drastically affect your confidence, potentially leading to withdrawal from social interactions.
  • Impaired Ability to Chew: Missing teeth can force you to chew your food differently, which might lead to difficulty in digestion.
  • Bone Deterioration: Without a tooth root to stimulate it, the jawbone may start to recede, or over time can alter the shape of your face.
  • Other Teeth May Shift: Existing teeth can move to fill the empty space, which can throw off your bite and lead to various problems, including TMJ disorder or tooth decay due to crowding or spacing.

Why Replacing Missing and Broken Teeth is Vital

Restoring your smile not only impacts your physical health but also plays a pivotal role in emotional wellness. Here’s why you need to consider replacing your missing or broken teeth:

  • Prevents Further Dental Problems: Timely intervention can prevent the above problems from developing.
  • Restores Facial Structure: Dental implants, for instance, stimulate the bone, preventing its deterioration and helping keep your facial structure intact.
  • Improvement in Function: You can get back to enjoying your favorite foods without any trouble.
  • Enhanced Cosmetic Appearance: Restorative dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of your smile, thus boosting your self-esteem.

Synergy Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Center: Your Partner in Dental Health

At Synergy Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Center, we offer various replacement alternatives to cater to your specific dental needs. From implementing bridges, dentures, and dental implants, our team of professionals are proficient in various treatments to replace missing or broken teeth.

  • Dental Implants: They are surgically placed in the jawbone and serve as an artificial replacement for the root of the missing teeth. Implants offer a long-lasting solution for those seeking a replacement that feels and functions just like natural teeth.
  • Dental Bridges: Bridges, typically used to replace a single missing tooth, are anchored by the adjacent teeth, creating a “bridge” over the gap.
  • Dentures: Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They can be either complete, replacing all teeth, or partial, fitting in between existing teeth.

Choosing to replace missing or broken teeth not only elevates the aesthetics of your smile but also promotes better oral health in the long run. At Synergy Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Center, we are dedicated to helping you regain your confidence and live a healthier life.
Our skilled and knowledgeable team will guide you through each step of the process, from the initial consultation to follow-up care. If you are experiencing dental issues or considering replacements for missing and broken teeth, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive dental examination with us. Your beautiful, healthy smile is our top priority.

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