How to Care for Your New Dental Implants

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Can you believe that the dental implant industry is worth over $1.1 billion in America alone? Not only can receiving new dental implants improve your health, but it can boost your confidence by giving you the smile of your dreams.

It’s always worth considering new dental implants if your dentist thinks you’re a candidate. The key to getting the best results from this procedure is taking excellent care of your implants. Read on if you’d like to break down the most important steps you should take once you get home.

Eat Soft Foods Packed With Nutrients

One of the best dental implant aftercare tips is to eat foods that don’t require lots of chewing. This will keep pain at a minimum and it will help you avoid problems around the incision site.

Some good foods to eat after any oral surgery include eggs, yogurt, lukewarm soup, applesauce, baked beans, mashed potatoes, and rice. These soft foods are packed with nutrients, so you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to heal.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Prioritizing dental care is crucial right after surgery (and in your everyday life). Following your implant surgery, you should gently brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and do saltwater flushes a few times per day.

After you’ve healed, you should continue flossing, brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes, and using mouthwash.

Get Plenty of Rest

Any type of invasive procedure takes a toll on your body. You must allow yourself time to rest after receiving your new dental implants.

Try to schedule your procedure when you can take time off from work and other taxing responsibilities. Avoid strenuous physical activity for a couple of days, then start slow with gentle movements onwards.

Drink Lots of Water (But Avoid Straws)

Some people are surprised to hear how beneficial water is for our oral health. The reason why staying hydrated is so good for your teeth and gums is that fluids help rinse germs away.

If you can’t brush your teeth every time after eating, then don’t forget to drink water. This helps prevent particles from getting stuck in your teeth and causing oral health issues. Just remember to avoid straws for at least a week following your surgery to protect your incision site.

Continue to Visit the Dentist for Regular Checkups

Your dentist or oral surgeon will likely want to schedule a checkup a few weeks after your procedure. This visit will give you peace of mind that everything is healed up.

As you enjoy your beautiful smile, don’t forget to continue going to the dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and checkups.

These Tips Will Help You Take Care of New Dental Implants

Getting new dental implants is an exciting opportunity, but you need to understand how to heal well after your surgery. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to walk into your upcoming appointment with confidence.

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