Dental Implant Pain: When to Get Help

Woman feeling strong pain near dental implant area

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After your dental implant surgery, you should be smiling! After all, your surgeon has just performed oral surgery magic to give you the smile of your dreams! If you’re experiencing dental implant pain, however, there may be a delay in manifesting the brilliant smile that you were promised. 

Every new implant patient is experiencing the healing process for the first time. It’s normal to be unsure what to expect as you heal. Is it normal to experience dental implant pain after surgery?

If you are unsure what to expect during the implant healing process, your surgeon can help. Read on to learn more about what is normal, what is abnormal, and when to seek help from your surgeon. 

What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

You can expect to feel some pain and discomfort for several days following your dental implant surgery. The pain after implants will likely be near the site of your implant and will be strongest immediately after anesthesia first wears off. Swelling and minor bruising are also normal following surgery.  

Some bleeding is also normal for the first day or so. You will want to avoid foods that are hard or hot following the procedure. This will reduce pain and allow the gums to heal. 

You should plan to rest for a few days following the surgery. While you’re home, apply ice on and off for 15-20 minutes at a time to help with pain and swelling. If your surgeon prescribes medication, make sure to take it regularly to help with pain management. 

Your surgeon will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions catered to the types of dental implants that you have received. Following the instructions will help to reduce pain in your teeth as you heal. 

Is My Dental Implant Pain Normal?

Your pain may last for as long as five days after your procedure, though some soreness and stiffness may persist for up to ten days. Many patients find they can begin to go without medication as soon as two days following surgery. 

You should not experience prolonged throbbing pain. If your level of comfort does not improve over time, you may be experiencing complications. 

When Should I Seek Help From My Surgeon?

If you experience fever, vomiting, excessive bleeding, or excessive swelling, contact your surgeon immediately. This may be a sign of an infection or incision line opening. You should also call our office if you continue to experience pain two weeks following your procedure. 

Synergy Is Here for You 

Some dental implant pain is normal. If you have concerns or feel that something has gone wrong, please reach out to our team to follow up. Our professionals are here for you before, during, and after your implant procedure, and we’re eager to help you feel comfortable and at ease. 

If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out. Call the office, or reach out online using our website’s contact form. We will do what we can to help bring out the smile you deserve!  

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