Dental Implant Surgery for Children: Is it Safe?

Young girl surprised to find that she have lost her tooth

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Baby teeth start coming in at the age of six months, with permanent teeth following at about six years. Teeth eruption varies by child and, while you can rely on an approximate timetable, there is no schedule for accidents that can cause teeth to fall out. Losing baby teeth is fine, but you’ll want to find a solution if your child loses a permanent tooth.

Dental implant surgery is a common procedure for lost permanent teeth, but is it safe for children? Keep reading to find out.

Dental Implant Surgery Age Requirements

To be a match for dental implant surgery, a patient needs to have a healthy, fully developed jawbone. If your child’s bones are still developing, a dental professional won’t complete an implant.

Young children are not approved for implants to protect them from the risks that come with dental implant surgery.

Teenagers that fall under the age requirements can receive dental implants. The requirements might vary depending on the oral care provider you visit.

In general, female teenagers should be at least 15 years old while male teenagers should be at least 17 years of age. The policies are based on the oral health disparities of females vs. males.

Since females develop earlier than males, they can receive this procedure before a male can.

Why Aren’t Dental Implants an Option for Kids?

Kids’ jaws can grow and change until 18 years of age. While jawbone development is a big factor in why kids aren’t able to get dental implants, it isn’t the only one.

Early implant placement can interfere with the surrounding teeth that are still growing. The jawbone can improperly develop resulting in major oral health problems in the future.

As the jaw continues to develop, the implant might move out of place.

Dental implant surgery involves open wounds and significant healing times. Children of a young age will find it hard to deal with the pain and recovery of implant placement.

Special Circumstances

No matter the age of the patient, undergoing dental implant surgery is a serious procedure. However, there are special circumstances that may arise in younger patients that require dental implants.

There are rare cases where a dental surgeon performs implant surgery on a child prior to the required age because they have suffered facial trauma.

In this situation, the dental implant will likely need to be placed and replaced as the child is growing.

There are alternative options for kids with missing teeth. Partial bridges and flippers are both tooth replacement options that can help until the child is old enough to safely get dental implant surgery.

These dental restoration alternatives can save your child the embarrassment of a missing adult tooth from an accident.

Dental Care for Your Child

When you have children, you know that accidents happen from time to time. If an accident occurred that caused your child to lose an adult tooth, there are options that don’t involve surgery.

A child that suffers facial trauma might be able to qualify for dental implant surgery under special circumstances.

To figure out what’s right for your child, it’s essential to get the opinion of an oral care professional. Contact us today for more information on dental implants and oral surgery.

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