Get to The Truth: Debunking Tooth Extraction Myths

doctor and patient looking at an x-ray and discussing tooth extraction

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There’s been a recent climb in people avoiding visiting their dentist. Along with a decrease in daily oral care, like brushing and flossing teeth, this is pretty bad news. This is, of course, because improper oral care can often lead to tooth extractions and other often unpleasant interventions.

But, are tooth extractions that big of a deal? There are plenty of cliches about tooth extractions that can scare patients away from seeking the right kind of treatment. Quite a few of them are incorrect.

If you’re curious as to what kind of tooth extraction myths are wrong, consider reading ahead.

Myth #1: Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Always Necessary

Wisdom teeth are becoming what some may call “obsolete.” That is, as human beings started cooking their food, the need for robust jaws and larger teeth diminished. The result came in the form of wisdom teeth sitting at the back of a shrinking jaw.

Some people need them extracted, but there are plenty of cases where it’s ok to leave them in. This myth is common, and it’s wrong!

Myth #2: Tooth Extraction is Always Painful

Tooth extraction can be painful, but it isn’t in a majority of cases. When people make an appointment with the right medical professionals, the odds of experiencing pain are extremely low. In a majority of cases, the anesthetics make the process very easy for the patient.

Myth #3: Cavities Mean Extraction

Medical and dental educational content around the world is pushing to ensure that people take proper care of their teeth. While that’s great, it’s led to a common misconception that cavities lead to inevitable tooth extraction. This is far from the truth and, in most cases, minimal intervention and a filling will suffice.

Myth #4: Extracting Teeth is Always Complicated

Some teeth that require extraction are underneath bone matter or exist in an awkward position. These types of extractions can be complicated. They’re few and far between, though, and most extractions are very straightforward. It’s also worth mentioning that there are plenty of great solutions to missing teeth after the fact.

Myth #5: Recovery Takes Forever

The myth that recovery takes forever is an interesting one. A vast majority of patients recover in a few days to a few weeks. However, this can vary depending on the patient’s behavior. It’s important that they don’t smoke, drink very hot or cold beverages, avoid using straws or other objects that can cause suction, and that they follow the dentist’s instructions regarding medication and other behaviors.

Recovery usually doesn’t take forever, but a patient can make it much more difficult.

Debunking Common Myths About Tooth Extractions

Scheduling an appointment with a dentist can be difficult. Some people struggle with anxiety just thinking about it. But, it’s important to clear up some of the common myths about tooth extractions. Otherwise, some patients might be too afraid of visiting a dentist for an essential part of a healthcare plan.

Tooth extraction isn’t always painful or complicated. Cavities aren’t cause for extraction and it’s not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth. And, perhaps most importantly, recovery doesn’t take forever under the right conditions.

Get in touch if you’re hesitant about tooth extraction or visiting a dentist at all. We’ll guide you through what the process entails from start to finish!

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