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Welcome to a high-end, personalized experience in oral surgery! We are Synergy Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Center, and we’re committed to going above and beyond to exceed all of your expectations through 


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Synergy Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Center is the leading oral surgery center with high-end facilities, conveniently located in Beverly Hills and West Valley/Reseda, CA. As evidenced by our many happy patients, we strive to provide you with the highest quality service for every procedure, from dental implants to wisdom teeth extractions. With over 10,000 dental implants placed, Dr. Vladimir Polyakov is one of the most sought-after oral surgeons, not only for his extensive training and experience, but also for his compassionate care. He is supported by our world-class dental team, who truly cares for the well-being and comfort of every patient. This is accomplished through our seamless blend of technology and attention to detail. Embracing a patient-centered philosophy, we’ll customize your treatment plan to suit your unique needs and smile goals. Contact us today to regain your confidence and your beautiful smile!

Our Primary Services

With full mouth dental implants, you can say goodbye to the limitations of dentures!  Our experienced team can replace a full set of teeth by attaching them to four or more lifelike dental implants, which are secured to your jawbone. Eat all those delicious foods you’ve had to miss out on for so long, and show off your new bright smile!

You no longer have to hide your damaged or missing teeth! Dental implants offer you a permanent replacement for tooth loss. With a secure attachment to your jaw, dental implants can range from a single dental crown or a bridge to a full set of beautiful new teeth. With our dental implant options, we’ll guide you to a better quality of life and endless confidence.

Wisdom teeth can cause serious pain, swelling and damage to your teeth! Don’t let the fear of a dental extraction keep you stuck. With thousands of successful extractions completed, Dr. Polyakov is a doctor you can trust. At our office, your visit will be comfortable and seamless from start to finish.

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